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New York Times Magazine Lives April 5, 2009   11 comments

I wrote this piece about my four dogs. It’s funny, because it’s true!

By the way, here is Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue —my rescue group!

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Status symbol   2 comments

Thanks to Virginia Heffernan for bestowing an unprecedented honor on me in the New York Times Magazine this weekend.  I am pretty humbled to be called the Best Status Updater on Facebook as I hang out with a goodly number of amazing status updaters (I tip my hat to Strawberry Saroyan, Patrick Brown, Claudia Glaser-Mussen), and of course those mentioned in the article.

The question that is plaguing me is how can I profit from this?  No, really, it’s how can I use my power for good instead of evil?  No, it really is how can I profit from this….

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My brother Matt telling it like it is   Leave a comment

Matt said the review I got in the NY Times today could change a person’s whole identity; how they are seen, how they see themselves…. or something like that. I wasn’t really listening because something smelled stinky in my house and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Matthew also said protocol states you may not thank a reviewer — you may not send them an entire moving truck full of gardenias or bake them your famous coconut chocolate chip cookies or even get them a Birkin bag on ebay. Nothing. You just quietly accept the review. (But just in case anyone talks to Ginia Bellafante, please tell her that I love her more than anyone in the whole world and if she ever needs a kidney, call me. I’ll bring the SnackWells.)

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