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Interview with Ann Leary   2 comments

Here is a recent interview I did with the fabulous Ann Leary. You also should visit Ann’s blog and read about our recent exploits with Puck the dog.

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The Inquisition with Patrick Brown   Leave a comment

I just got back from the beach and my eyes are burning from over-exposure to the sun, but not so much as to prevent me from a little self-promotion.

Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed for the Vroman’s Podcast by my close virtual friend, Patrick Brown.

Patrick has a sensibility so similar to mine it’s kind of eerie. Though I balk at sincerity, I mean it when I say that meeting him has been one of the best things about publishing my book.

Without further ado, The Inquisition with Patrick Brown.

Now I need to go put some cucumber slices on my eyes.

Posted July 28, 2008 by julieklam in Podcast