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What am I listening to?   Leave a comment

I know the fabulous New York Times Book Review blog, Paper Cuts does a thing where they ask writers what they’re listening to, so I thought I would post that on my own blog. Currently, I am listening to the soundtrack of two My Little Pony videos — Runaway Rainbow and The Princess Promenade.

A week ago Violet was watching Noggin after school and an image appeared during Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends (“Bounce got really big from eating a mushroom” is all that I could glean) that scared her so much that we’ve not been allowed to watch anything but these two pony movies over and over. It is Paul and my punishment for not changing the channel quick enough. So 24/7 the song going through my head is Make A New Friend Everyday. For obvious reasons, I will not be posting a link to the MP3.

Posted May 17, 2008 by julieklam in Jeers

Will You Continue to Rock My World?   Leave a comment

I have been blessed by the tv gods today. At the gym VH1 was showing a marathon which included the Bret Michaels show where he chooses a woman to Rock His World. On today’s episode, he had to send one of the biker babes home because he thought she missed her son (he was wrong, she wanted to stay, she did not want to go home, she did not miss her son that much) and he cried and he admitted it was one of the hardest things he had to do in a long time, she cried too, not about the son, about leaving the show. He also gave her his cowboy hat as a gift, careful not to move the bandana covering his baldino head. The girls who are asked to stay are given a big backstage pass (a la Flavor Flav’s big watch). If you’re not familiar with Bret, check out his website. He’s having a sale! Make sure to look at the DIABETIC shirts. They are hot!

Happy New Year to all, and please continue to rock MY world.

Posted January 1, 2008 by julieklam in Jeers