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Since I posted yesterday about Dan Menaker and Titlepage I got about a gazillion hits. I’m trying to decide if I should mention him in every post.

What I was going to write about today was that I’ve chosen a favorite Disney princess. After thorough consideration, based on looks a bit, but mostly personality, it’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Not only do I think she’s the best looking (did you ever really look at Cinderella’s face?) but she is an avid reader and she does not dream of finding a prince. I wonder who Dan Menaker from Titlepage’s favorite Disney princess is?

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I’m very excited to be part of Dan Menaker’s new internet TV show, Titlepage at It will air on the internet, so my parents won’t be able to watch it. And I’m guessing your parents won’t be able to watch it either.

Read about it in todays Arts section

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I have a sick kid home today, she was really a wreck this weekend, that terrible raging fever that little kids get. She is a bit better today. Actually, she’s slightly feverish but in very good spirits which means she has just enough energy for some Disney Princess tea parties. I realized last night that the six words that send chills down my spine are “Let’s play in my room, Mom.”

I think I’ll bring my blackberry.

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I have a policy of not recommending books that don’t somehow further my career, but this book is amazing. It was chilling and brilliant and elegant and not-put-downable. Run don’t walk to a bookstore near you. And BUY it, don’t just stand in the bookstore and read it.

And on the Julometer it gets ***** (that’s five out of five stars)

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Someone who knows me better than anyone in the world….   Leave a comment

Is the tiny man inside of iTunes. The recommendations for me are astoundingly accurate. How did they know I’d like Leo Sayer’s You Make Me Feel Like Dancin’ ? I haven’t even thought of that song in years, but darn if they weren’t correct, and what a nice time I had at the gym today.

The embarassing part is that I downloaded That’s What Love Is For, so now they’re recommending Christian music for me.

I’m going to start my own religion– Jews for Amy Grant.

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I have to pick Violet up from school at 1:15 because they’re showing a movie in her class and she’s scared. (Jancee asked if she’d read the reviews) No. It’s The Snowman. An animated film about a snowman who comes to life and takes a boy on a magical ride to a snowman party–no talking– just lovely music.  She was almost in tears at the very thought of it– this horrifying unknown snowman picture.

I’m so glad I gave birth to myself.

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I made this the other night while Violet was making a friendly porcupine with these pipe cleaners (which are now referred to as chenille craft sticks)…. I was on the phone with Jancee (she named her Pippa) and she told me to take a picture of it and send it to her so I’m posting it,

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Violet had her first playdate sans the kid’s mother. The girl was really cute except she talked very loud and thought my name was Jewelry. So she’d say, “HEY JEWELRY CAN WE GET SOME HELP WITH THIS DORA CANDYLAND GAME?”

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All morning I have been walking around feeling a little sad cloud over my head and it finally occurred to me, I’m making tuna steaks for dinner. I don’t really like fish, but we’re consciously trying to eat healthier and less fattening stuff, but man, it bums me out.

We have all different flavors of our Wellness dog food (chicken, turkey, lamb, venison) the one the dogs refuse to eat is whitefish, and they eat dead things and poopies and smell butts. See?

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If you haven’t gotten the beautiful Jancee Dunn’s brilliant book, But Enough About Me, get it! She’s finishing a new novel due out in summer ’08 and if you haven’t read But Enough About Me you will be totally lost! It’s like reading The Two Towers without the one that came before it. You can buy it here: Jancee’s site

On another note from the same family, Jancee’s very talented and very handsome husband Tom Vanderbilt wrote a fabulous piece Tom’s piece in Thursday’s House and Home section of the NY Times on an incredibly swanky hotel they stayed at in Tokyo. Look for Tom’s new book out in fall ’08, too. Some couple, eh? Who needs Nick Pileggi and Nora Ephron!

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