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My big brother Brian Klam   2 comments

was nominated and is a FINALIST for not one but TWO prestigious Radio Mercury Awards –these are the Oscars of radio. Click here for radio mercury awards site.

Here’s the link to his site: Flying Brick Radio

Congratulations, Brian! Go git ’em!

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USA Today Mother’s Day picks   1 comment

All about Moms and Mother’s Day book recommendations. Thanks, USA Today!

USA Today on Mother’s Day

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Reviews   Leave a comment

Any reviews that come in will be posted on my website under Press — any good reviews that is, the mean ones can be found shoved up someone’s ***.

Have a great weekend all you nice people!

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Two Bits of Exciting News!   Leave a comment

1) Last night Paul and I were eating at Nate and Al’s deli and we saw Mr. Bruce Willis — in fact he was right at the next table!
2) It was announced today in the New York Times that my brother, Matthew Klam, is a 2008 Guggenheim Fellow

The waitress, Lois, said Bruce was very nice to wait on!

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No one was more choked up by the New York Giants historic upset of the New England Patriots than the (mostly male) members of my family. If you want to get into the moment watch Eli Manning totally charm David Letterman, take special note of that looooong standing ovation. I’ve been watching it over and over and over again. He is, what we New Yorkers call, a clee-iss act.
Eli Manning on Late Show

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The start-up website that my husband has been slaving away on is launching today. It looks amazing!! Go and enjoy!

And congratulations to the fabulous Howcast team.

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Turned off the comments

I decided to turn off the comment function on the blog today. I’m protecting myself for when the book comes out and people try to post “Your writing sucks, fatso!” So from now on if you have comments, just call me.

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