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Winter Break

School is closed this week which means I am watching A LOT of TV. This morning Violet came to me proudly and said, “Mom, remember when I only watched Noggin, now I watch Noggin, Playhouse Disney, Nick Jr., and PBS Kids.” Snif, Snif. It’s true! My little girl is growing up! She watches SO MANY networks.

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Oh those Spears girls!   2 comments

Today I want to turn my attention to Lynne Spears. I was on the grocery line for a long time yesterday trying to figure out which headline she’d enjoy more, “Destroyed by Mama” on Us Magazine with a picture of Britney and Jamie Lynn or “Britney Claims My Mom Slept With My Husband. Is it true- or is she just delusional” on In Touch Weekly with a “crazy” Brit picture. Which would you prefer?

I didn’t get a chance to open the Star magazine to find out who looked so unfortunate in a bathing suit but Matt was at LAX so he had time to see for me. It was poor, dear Keely Shaye Smith who seems, these days, to only be famous for being overweight in public (and married to Pierce Brosnan).

As I’ve said before, may I never be a celebrity. Even if you get famous as a writer, you’re pretty safe. You never see Joyce Carol Oates’ cellulite on the Enquirer, it’s just not done.

I am opening comments today because I want to hear what everyone (all four of you) has to say.

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Yoga-ta get this blue

This morning I was reading a blog called All Laquered Up. It’s all about … nail polish, that’s it! I was kind of mesmerized by it, the blogger, Michelle, paints her nails in all the latest colors and posts photos of them along with her recommendations. I never do anything with my nails except occassionally bite them when they’re uneven, but now I find myself hankering for the latest shades (I titled today’s post with the name of a of a new navy blue color from the OPI India collection, apparently that’s what all the ladies are lovin’ .) Who knew?

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