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On this beautiful Saturday we took Violet to the park to ride her bike and stopped at a playground. There were three older future-mean-girls all playing on the park’s two swings. Violet got on line and they kept going back and forth between each other and not giving her a turn (do you see where this is going?) One of them got off and Violet went to get on the swing and this tiny little bee-yatch pushed in front of her and squeaked “Excuse me, I’m next.” And well, you know, I calmly explained that no, in fact, she was not next, that she’d had far too many turns and it was, in fact, Violet’s turn and I gave her my scariest cool mother look. Paul said I should take Bea (our dog) home and he’d stay. The whole way home I’m thinking of various people who’ve said rude things about me on the internet and I come home and start pounding out responses to these people that would curl your hair. Like not just mean, OUCH! -mean. I didn’t send any because in the end I think it’s best to not let people think that they’ve gotten to you and give them the attention they’re desperately seeking. So the lesson for the day is rage never gets a day off.

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Since I posted yesterday about Dan Menaker and Titlepage I got about a gazillion hits. I’m trying to decide if I should mention him in every post.

What I was going to write about today was that I’ve chosen a favorite Disney princess. After thorough consideration, based on looks a bit, but mostly personality, it’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Not only do I think she’s the best looking (did you ever really look at Cinderella’s face?) but she is an avid reader and she does not dream of finding a prince. I wonder who Dan Menaker from Titlepage’s favorite Disney princess is?

Posted January 31, 2008 by julieklam in Hmmm