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Blame it on Facebook   2 comments

I haven’t blogged because I’ve been FACEBOOK CRAZY!

Also, our foster dog Dahlia, the ten year old, had puppies and I had to go to Book Group Expo and Violet is starting a new school.

Book Group Expo was fantastic! More on that later….

I’m getting back to normal and will be blogging soon, I also have a new book that I’m (not) writing. I need to GET ON THE BALL.  Feel free to friend me on Facebook.

Till then-


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A product that will never catch on….   Leave a comment

Goldfish cookies. They look just like the goldfish crackers and it’s very disorienting when you eat them and they taste like a teddy graham.

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Other People’s Blogs   Leave a comment

I have noticed that in order to get people to comment on their blogs, bloggers ask questions. Like, “I want to paint my room silver, what do you guys think?” And then like 30 people will write “Silver, rock on sistah!” or “Sounds like you’ll be living in a tv dinner!! LOL” (That’s big —the LOL) So I’m going to start asking questions to get some comments going. The questions will be in italics.

When you make a deposit into your bank account, do you ever use the slips at the back of your checkbook to avoid having to write your account number on the bank’s slip, even though you actually want the deposit to go into your savings?

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Save the Date   Leave a comment

Here is my tour thus far:

March 27 NYC: Barnes and Noble Tribeca
March 30 Stamford, CT: Borders
March 31: Washington, D.C: Olsson’s Books and Records
April 1: Miami: Books and Books
April 2: Chicago: Bookstall -The Standard Club
April 3: San Francisco: Books, Inc.
April 8: Los Angeles: Barnes & Noble Santa Monica
April 11: Vermont: Northshire Bookstore
Do you want to know what a wreck I am about leaving my kid? Don’t ask!

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What a week!   Leave a comment

I can’t believe there hasn’t been a single posting. I had amazing guest bloggers lined up and it looks like they were all no shows –damn Art Buchwald.
It was my birthday this week and I invested a lot of time in aging. I also went on a class trip to a farm in Queens and had a meeting with a tv exec, but mostly I aged.

The question I’ve been wrestling with is how did I get to be middle aged when I’m so youthful?

I’m going to write more later but right now I need to sit and reflect.

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Regrets, I’ve had a few….   Leave a comment

You know what my biggest regret is? Downloading three Blake Lewis songs from iTunes.  Was I nuts? Everytime they come up on the iPod I go to the next song– and if it’s one of the Rick Springfield songs I downloaded, I skip that, too.  I seem to have a special kind of brain damage when I go to iTunes. Like, if I recognize the song, I should buy it.  And $.99 doesn’t grow on trees, you know!

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C-c-c-c-ranky   Leave a comment

Something bit this household on the ass because everyone’s been cranky. Tonight Violet screamed at the top of her lungs that if she didn’t get some more ice cream then she was putting the whole family into a time out, including dogs.  Paul was cranky today because money slips through our fingers like so many droplets of water and I think I’m just picking up on the local vibe.

Did you ever turn on a lightswitch and the bulb blows and you blame yourself for turning it on too hard?  If I’d just been a little less aggressive, the light would be working.  I wish I could curse through my gritted teeth like my dad, GDDMMTT!

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