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Vroman’s blog about Titlepage   Leave a comment

Vroman’s is a great independant bookstore in Southern California that I’m not reading at but maybe one day in the future I will.  They had this nice blog about Titlepage for all to enjoy!

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Our Titlepage is Up   3 comments

The new episode of Titlepage with Sloane Crosley, Ceridwen Dovey, Keith Gessen and me is on.  Go! Watch it!

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Richard Price

The Richard Price piece in today’s New York Times Arts and Leisure was so fantastic I read it twice. He has one of the great author personalities of all time.
Richard Price is one of my heroes. Little known fact — Mr. Price and I used to go to the same gym on Crosby Street back in 1985. (Also members of that exclusive club: Cher, Madonna, Treat Williams, and James Taylor among others.) Mr. Price, though, was the coolest and everyone laughed at whatever he said just as you’d expect.

He is also going to be on the debut of Titlepage tomorrow so check in to

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You Never Forget Your First Time

We did the taping of Titlepage yesterday. In addition to the host, Dan Menaker (he was the legendary fiction editor of The New Yorker and then Editor in Chief of Random House and the man who discovered an unknown writer by the name of Matthew Klam in the slush pile), there were four (including me) first time writers (none of the books are out yet but look for them next month).

The writers were Ceridwen Dovey, a stunning South African writer who is also charming, eloquent and real smart. Her novel is called Blood Kin (Viking). Keith Gessen, who seemed awfully familiar to me and has written a witty and terrific novel called All the Sad Young Literary Men (Viking), Sloane Crosley, who I’d planned to hate because she’s young and pretty and has written a hilarious collection of coming-of-age essays with the best title I’ve heard in a long time I Was Told There’d Be Cake (Riverhead), (I couldn’t hate her, she was too nice) and me.

Being that it was the very first time I was interviewed and it was filmed with five cameras , I think it is safe to say it was a trial by fire. The nice part is that there were only about three things that I said that woke me up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. I pray they edit me down to a nub.

At any rate, go to to sign up to be notified when the show airs (the first one with Richard Price, Charles Bock and Susan Choi airs March 3rd) and the show I’m on called You Never Forget Your First Time is set to air March 17th online.

This is a terrific, worthwhile project that deserves your attention! (Imagine I said that in the voice of Linus Van Pelt)

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