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Interview with Ann Leary   2 comments

Here is a recent interview I did with the fabulous Ann Leary. You also should visit Ann’s blog and read about our recent exploits with Puck the dog.

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The Takeaway   1 comment

In conjunction with the Westminster Dog Show, I was fortunate to appear (well, not appear, it was my voice) on this morning’s NPR show The Takeaway talking about our national obsession with dogs. You can listen here.

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More Bob Edwards (and me)   1 comment

This weekend I’ll be on Bob Edwards Weekend Show — here is the link to find a station in you neck of the woods (thanks Al Roker!)

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BOB EDWARDS SHOW   2 comments

I’ll be on the GREAT BOB EDWARDS show today, Friday, 7/31/09 and tomorrow  Its on XM 133 or Sirius 196. It first airs from 8-9 AM. Then it re-runs 9-10 AM, 10-11 AM, 4-5 PM, 8-9 PM, and 10-11 PM. Then on Saturday from 9-10 PM, Friday’s show will repeat.


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Denverites!   Leave a comment

I will be on Mom’s the Word radio show tomorrow out of Denver. Please, enjoy!

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Perhaps radio is just not my medium…   Leave a comment

I just did the radio show and I was a blathering, stuttering idiot. I know that I do know how to talk, but no one listening to that show will know. Hopefully, they’ll be curious about what kind of book that Train Wreck could write.  Oy, oy, oy.

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WAMC, NPR in Albany   1 comment

I’ll be on “The Roundtable” with Joe Donohue this Friday, April 18th at 11:30. Tune in to hear what my bronchitis sounds like!

I’m way behind in my blogging.  I have lots to tell but we’re all sick so today I’m shuttling myself to the doctor and then taking Violet to the pediatrician.  It nevah ends!

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Lunch with Lisa Today March 29th!   Leave a comment

I’ll be live on the popular radio show “Lunch with Lisa” WNLK /WSTC AM (1350/1400 on your dial) — 11:25 a.m.

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