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The Magic of Disney   2 comments

As I’ve said before, Violet can’t get enough of them Disney princesses. We now have every Disney princess product that has ever been conceived (including the Disney Princess conception kit, complete with Disney Princess Ovulation predictor).

But I digress. Violet has never watched a single Disney princess movie. Why? Because she doesn’t like the villains (who are pretty straight across the board old, ugly women). Anyway, our most recent acquisition is a box set of Disney Princess books called The Friendship Box (we got it on a trip to Costco, thank you Mattie). The books are all the Disney Princess stories sans any of the bad news. It’s just happy and good. Cinderella ends when she gets her dress from her friends, the animals, the mean stepsisters never rip it off her; Little Mermaid ends when she gets back to the concert before she gets yelled at, Snow White isn’t sent in the woods to be killed, she’s just sent to “live with the Dwarves” and then she meets the prince (no poison apple). Isn’t that great? Why didn’t Walt think of that? Then they really could’ve had a franchise!

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USA Today Mother’s Day picks   1 comment

All about Moms and Mother’s Day book recommendations. Thanks, USA Today!

USA Today on Mother’s Day

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I always loved butlers…   Leave a comment

I know I said I wasn’t going to litter the blog with my reviews but this one is the best I have or will ever get and I want to make sure you see it.

Head Butler is the brilliant website of Jesse Kornbluth, a great writer with (if I may say so) impeccable taste. I get the daily emails and the writing of the reviews is as smart and crisp as the object of the review. Check out the smartness right here  PEMD on Head Butler.

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Bruce McCall   Leave a comment

Jancee and I were talking about the genius of Bruce McCall yesterday and she reminded me of this New Yorker sketchbook that makes us both laugh out loud every time we see it. Enjoy mon frere.

Bruce McCall funny

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Barnes and Noble Long List   1 comment

I am on the Barnes and Noble Long list for the week of 4/21/08-4/28/08.

Thank you whoever put me there!

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Sherlock   3 comments

We picked up a new foster dog today at the Manhattan Animal Care & Control (the NYC pound) (I’m a member of New England Boston Terrier rescue). So far he’s as sweet as can be, quite obese, and he’s got kennel cough. He’s frightened as most new fosters are but we think he’s going to be just fine.

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Reviews   Leave a comment

Any reviews that come in will be posted on my website under Press — any good reviews that is, the mean ones can be found shoved up someone’s ***.

Have a great weekend all you nice people!

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Perhaps radio is just not my medium…   Leave a comment

I just did the radio show and I was a blathering, stuttering idiot. I know that I do know how to talk, but no one listening to that show will know. Hopefully, they’ll be curious about what kind of book that Train Wreck could write.  Oy, oy, oy.

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WAMC, NPR in Albany   1 comment

I’ll be on “The Roundtable” with Joe Donohue this Friday, April 18th at 11:30. Tune in to hear what my bronchitis sounds like!

I’m way behind in my blogging.  I have lots to tell but we’re all sick so today I’m shuttling myself to the doctor and then taking Violet to the pediatrician.  It nevah ends!

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Tonight at Northshire in Manchester, VT- 7:00 p.m.   4 comments

It’s the last reading of the tour proper at the wonderful Northshire bookstore, one of my favorites in the world. I am kind of sick and run down but I’m putting my last burst into this evening and tomorrow I take the train home to NYC where it’s back to being ignored (in a nice way.) When I get home (and I’m not on my parent’s dial-up connection) I’ll be giving details of the tour stops, the highs and lows, the bitter and the sweet. Until then…

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