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Not much time today   Leave a comment

I have to pick Violet up from school at 1:15 because they’re showing a movie in her class and she’s scared. (Jancee asked if she’d read the reviews) No. It’s The Snowman. An animated film about a snowman who comes to life and takes a boy on a magical ride to a snowman party–no talking– just lovely music.  She was almost in tears at the very thought of it– this horrifying unknown snowman picture.

I’m so glad I gave birth to myself.

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When did they start calling them ‘playdates?’   Leave a comment

Violet had her first playdate sans the kid’s mother. The girl was really cute except she talked very loud and thought my name was Jewelry. So she’d say, “HEY JEWELRY CAN WE GET SOME HELP WITH THIS DORA CANDYLAND GAME?”

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Tuna stake in my heart   Leave a comment

All morning I have been walking around feeling a little sad cloud over my head and it finally occurred to me, I’m making tuna steaks for dinner. I don’t really like fish, but we’re consciously trying to eat healthier and less fattening stuff, but man, it bums me out.

We have all different flavors of our Wellness dog food (chicken, turkey, lamb, venison) the one the dogs refuse to eat is whitefish, and they eat dead things and poopies and smell butts. See?

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Finish this sentence…   Leave a comment

If you see me rockin’ out (at the gym/in my car), it’s because I’m listening to ____________.

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Hmmm   Leave a comment

I was looking at the website for the Leonard Lopate show. He has this area where he asks his guests some questions –what’s the last thing you read, etc… One of them is “What would people be surprised to find out about you?” I’ve been walking around thinking about this, no one who knows me would be surprised by anything because I’ve written about everything that’s happened to me (or is happening to me.) What’s interesting to me about that question is that the real point is “What do you want people to know about you?” Something that makes you appear cooler or more interesting or dynamic. “Oh I didn’t know Julie Klam clog danced!” You know, like what was the last book you read? That question is really, “What’s the last book you’d like people to think you read?” Well let’s see, I always have Proust on the night table… because I don’t read it and I need a place to put my glass of water.

It’s all a big public relations intelligence test. Like the end of James Lipton’s show.

FYI: I’m reading a real smart person’s book right now, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and right before that I read Foreskin’s Lament and The Kite Runner (all I read are Riverhead books). And the thing you’d be surprised to know about me is my broiler in my kitchen is never “really clean.”

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