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A Lid For Teddy   12 comments

When Clementine came to our home, we were told that she might very well be unadoptable, that she would most-likely be our permanent foster. When you rescue and you foster, this is sometimes a possibility. If a dog is sick or old or “a biter” they just may not be going anywhere.

We were unsure of Clemmie’s medical issues and the information that came with her was unclear. But after thorough exams and tests at the world renowned Animal Medical Center, it was determined that she had a very slight neurological condition that didn’t seem to bother her and she was unhousebroken.  She was also as sweet as can be and incredibly photogenic! As the saying goes, there is a lid for every pot, and Clementine found her’s with the loveliest family I could’ve wished for.

Now I want nothing more than to find a home for  Teddy.   Teddy is one of those amazing dogs we all know, who despite enormous challenges is able to thrive. He was dumped in the pound because his owner said “he was getting too old,”  and frankly, it was lucky for Teddy.

When he came into foster care, he had untreated glaucoma with total vision loss in one eye and the second eye in such bad shape that the vision couldn’t be saved.  Had it been treated earlier, he would be able to see.

Teddy is somewhere between 8 and 10 years old. He has Cushing’s Disease, he isn’t great with other pets and would do best in a home without kids and he takes medication.

Now the good news.

He is fantastic one-on-one, he manages brilliantly without his sight and despite the abuse and neglect, has an incredibly loving, animated and adorable personality.  He is also housebroken (unlike any dogs I know).  He is currently in a foster home with a wonderful NEBTR foster mother, but he deserves his own home and his own people.  I wish I could take Teddy.  Just look how cute he is!!  I love that that nice pudgy dumpling physique. And correct me if I’m wrong but I think with “doggles” on, he looks like a potential super hero.

And his wonderful foster mother, Molly, has not only taken in Teddy but this pregnant girl and her kids!


And here’s Teddy with the little ones.

Do you know someone with a heart that’s big enough for this sweet little challenged senior?

There is no adoption fee.

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