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Those of you who have followed the story of Dahlia and our puppies remember when I first got her, I was just supposed to foster her. We placed this ad for someone to adopt her.

Then, per Violet, we couldn’t let her go. So we decided to keep her for a while and then I wrote this piece about Dahlia’s surprising delivery.  And after that we adopted Dahlia  and her puppies.  She would never be separated from her babies or have to go somewhere new again, she was home.

This past Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 Dahlia, loving mother to Fiorello and Wisteria passed away.  We don’t know how old she was, we do know  how much she was loved.

In a sad coda, the night she died I got an email from Home Again, the pet microchip company saying Dahlia’s membership was about to expire. She’d been with us one year.

Rest in Peace, Dahlia Klam-Leo.

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More Bob Edwards (and me)   1 comment

This weekend I’ll be on Bob Edwards Weekend Show — here is the link to find a station in you neck of the woods (thanks Al Roker!)

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