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I love Curtis Sittenfeld’s New York Times Book Review essay from 2006 on visiting book groups.  I have had the great honor of being asked to a few book group discussions about Please Excuse My Daughter and it’s always a real treat. Even when it’s bad.  I went to a book group in New Jersey with about twenty women who all seemed like they could have been me.   At the end of the talk one of the women who wasn’t a normal member –a visiting guest– raised her hand and said, “Are we allowed to say we don’t like the book?”  To which I said, “Of course!” But what I really meant was, “No.”  Her comment was that “some of the middle was boring”. I nodded my head as if I was going to take that nugget of wisdom back to my lab and suck out the  parts out that didn’t grab her dumb, under-conditioned head.

That said, if you ever want me to come to your book group, I’d be happy to.  Just don’t invite that woman.

Posted March 22, 2009 by julieklam in Book Groups