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Vogue included me in the January ’08 issue in The Vogue 25 Cultural Highlights of 2008 (page 96 if you read it on the grocery line)…

And this nice thing caught me by surprise on the Oxford University Press Blog… /

A million thanks to Vogue, Erin Cox, and you!

Best holiday wishes to all!



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We bought our holiday cards about a month ago–three different varieties. I sat down to write them out and every one of them says Merry Christmas in it. Now what the hell am I supposed to do?

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It tells you how to pronounce things like Khaled Hosseini [HA-led Ho-SAY-nee] and you can even press a button to hear the pronunciation…. the only thing they don’t tell you is how to pronounce the name of the site.

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Goldfish cookies. They look just like the goldfish crackers and it’s very disorienting when you eat them and they taste like a teddy graham.

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So far this morning I’ve uttered at least three sentences aloud and there is no one here except my two dogs and I’m not even talking to them.

The most recent blurting was, “What do you think, I’m stupid?” in answer to an e-mail. While I was saying it I was eating a crumb off the carpet. Now does that make me crazy?

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Paul has the ebay bug. Everynight when I go to sleep he jumps on the computer to wildly bid for stupid things. Every afternoon I come home with Violet and the doorman gives us a big box from Wisconsin or Michigan or Pennsylvania and Violet wonders if it’s a present for her. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this from her. Yesterday her dad became the proud owner of a mask carved from a coconut — it is a man’s face with a fish on his nose. Pray for us.

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Since my site has launched my blog has been getting much more popular  so I want to welcome all the new readers. Seems the other day we went from our all time high 11 views to 12 views. This is very exciting to me but I don’t want you regulars to think I’m going to go all Hollywood on your ass.  In fact, I am writing this entry in my stinky gym clothes, you can’t get any more earthy than that!

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I have noticed that in order to get people to comment on their blogs, bloggers ask questions. Like, “I want to paint my room silver, what do you guys think?” And then like 30 people will write “Silver, rock on sistah!” or “Sounds like you’ll be living in a tv dinner!! LOL” (That’s big —the LOL) So I’m going to start asking questions to get some comments going. The questions will be in italics.

When you make a deposit into your bank account, do you ever use the slips at the back of your checkbook to avoid having to write your account number on the bank’s slip, even though you actually want the deposit to go into your savings?

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Please enjoy [spectacularly designed by the AMAZING Wendy Hammond from Fancy Pants Studio ** ]

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Violet didn’t want to go to school today because there is a mean girl in her class. I can see where I may end up warping my child because I wanted to go in and kick the girl’s ass. Paul said, “Mommy, Violet would like you to take care of the problem in a soft voice.” So I go to school, the teacher is out this week and there is a sub and an assistant teacher who I know, I let her know that the situation was unsatisfactory and she said, “You did the wrong thing, you shouldn’t have talked about it in front of Violet.” [Cue steam pouring out of my ears] In a very controlled voice I said, “I told Violet I would take care of the problem and I wanted her to see that I had done that.” And if she doesn’t take care of it, I’m going to bring my yenta posse in to show her what wrong behavior is.

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