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By now, it’s probably become glaringly apparent that this blog isn’t The Smoking Gun or some other socially/politically relevent blog. The point? There’s no point yet, eventually it will have have one, or not, but for now I’m just yakkin’.

I read another writer’s blog who has a book coming out at the same time as mine and she has it filled with all sorts of pretend information–like she puts up e-mails from her editor complimenting her manuscript. That’s like me putting up an e-mail from my mother that says I’m the prettiest girl in the world. Or me putting up an e-mail from my editor complimenting my manuscript. I will not be doing that. I will not be posting self-congratulatory tidbits and pretending it’s “good news.” Good news is not good news if it’s not good news for YOU. So if you see a blog title that says GOOD NEWS it means YOU have won some money, not me. If I have good news, I expect to see it announced on your blog.


Posted October 1, 2007 by julieklam in General

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