Blame it on Facebook   2 comments

I haven’t blogged because I’ve been FACEBOOK CRAZY!

Also, our foster dog Dahlia, the ten year old, had puppies and I had to go to Book Group Expo and Violet is starting a new school.

Book Group Expo was fantastic! More on that later….

I’m getting back to normal and will be blogging soon, I also have a new book that I’m (not) writing. I need to GET ON THE BALL.  Feel free to friend me on Facebook.

Till then-


Posted October 30, 2008 by julieklam in General

2 responses to “Blame it on Facebook

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  1. You and my Mommy are facebook crazy! She’s befriended all my favorite authors, I’m totally jealous.

    I can’t get facebook. I know I’ll get tagged in a photo of me urinating in public or something equally horrifying.

    So keep bloggin’ lady.

  2. I think my facebook days are numbered, Tif, it’s not a really good investment of my very limited time. Ahem.

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