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On this beautiful Saturday we took Violet to the park to ride her bike and stopped at a playground. There were three older future-mean-girls all playing on the park’s two swings. Violet got on line and they kept going back and forth between each other and not giving her a turn (do you see where this is going?) One of them got off and Violet went to get on the swing and this tiny little bee-yatch pushed in front of her and squeaked “Excuse me, I’m next.” And well, you know, I calmly explained that no, in fact, she was not next, that she’d had far too many turns and it was, in fact, Violet’s turn and I gave her my scariest cool mother look. Paul said I should take Bea (our dog) home and he’d stay. The whole way home I’m thinking of various people who’ve said rude things about me on the internet and I come home and start pounding out responses to these people that would curl your hair. Like not just mean, OUCH! -mean. I didn’t send any because in the end I think it’s best to not let people think that they’ve gotten to you and give them the attention they’re desperately seeking. So the lesson for the day is rage never gets a day off.


Posted May 24, 2008 by julieklam in Hmmm

8 responses to “All the rage

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  1. My darling
    You used tremendous restraint.
    You should have told that little girl that if she didn’t want to take your word for it that it was Violet’s turn on the swing then she could always ask the big snake that will be under her bed tonight for another opinion.

  2. Mattie is available for personal consultations.

  3. I so want to use that one – with Mattie’s permission, of course. That’s so much better than the body-blocking/evil stare combination that I use on the playground. I have so much to learn! xo

  4. Mara,
    Be my guest.
    With all the political correctness of “don’t be giving kids nightmares”, alot of these wiseacres are getting free rides.

  5. In my family we had ways to deal with the mean kid Iris had Barry go out with a bag of candy and guess who didn’t get any? Grandma Pearly always went over to the kid and, squeezing the back of his neck, told him it was time to go home. Feel free to use those handy tips. Of course, having a big giant father who will rip the kid to shreds if she’s mean to Violet is also useful. xoxox

  6. Now that I know from the bulletin board downstairs that you live in my building, I’m terrified I’ll wind up in one of your blogs! I’ll be careful to stay clear! 🙂
    But seriously, there should be an etiquette book for playgrounds, because more than once I’ve wanted to rip a child a brand new smile. Parents who parent from the park bench aren’t doing any parenting at all, I say. But then again, I say a lot. Looking forward to reading your book!

  7. Yes, Lynn, be wary! I’m often in the lobby with pad and pen writing down infractions of my neighbors. 🙂
    So glad you stopped by! I hope you like the book (and if you don’t you can always lie)

  8. Julie — I neglected to tell you when I ran into you on the street this afternoon … I used the tip about telling the snippy kid on the playground that if she continued being nasty to me and my daughter that she’d find snakes under her bed. You wouldn’t believe how incredibly kind and sweet she was to us after that! Great tip! Thanks to antmattie!

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