Tonight at Northshire in Manchester, VT- 7:00 p.m.   4 comments

It’s the last reading of the tour proper at the wonderful Northshire bookstore, one of my favorites in the world. I am kind of sick and run down but I’m putting my last burst into this evening and tomorrow I take the train home to NYC where it’s back to being ignored (in a nice way.) When I get home (and I’m not on my parent’s dial-up connection) I’ll be giving details of the tour stops, the highs and lows, the bitter and the sweet. Until then…


Posted April 11, 2008 by julieklam in Book Tour

4 responses to “Tonight at Northshire in Manchester, VT- 7:00 p.m.

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  1. You were wonderful, witty and as amazing as your mom said you’d be! and I’m glad you’re not bipolar!

  2. Thank you Patty & Mark. Violet hasn’t stopped talking about that being the best reading she ever went to because she got a Barbie Doctor kit from Patty and Mark!

  3. My mom (another Marsha, albeit with a different spelling) and I enjoyed the reading very much, and in the car on the way home discussed how very much YOUR Florida experiences parallel OUR Florida experiences. Except my grandmother was not Jewish. Other than that- ditto. One bonus for us- every year we’d get to go to the newest Paul Newman movie careful not to sit directly behind the glowing white (or blue!) hairs!

    I just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed- I think especially because I’ve met some of the main players! It must be strange to have people talk to you like they know you after reading your book, though!!

    Nicole (& Madigan)
  4. Thank you so much, Nicole! And thank you so much for coming.
    You know, it’s not as strange as you’d think. (but everyone asks that question so it must really seem strange!!)

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