The Magic of Disney   2 comments

As I’ve said before, Violet can’t get enough of them Disney princesses. We now have every Disney princess product that has ever been conceived (including the Disney Princess conception kit, complete with Disney Princess Ovulation predictor).

But I digress. Violet has never watched a single Disney princess movie. Why? Because she doesn’t like the villains (who are pretty straight across the board old, ugly women). Anyway, our most recent acquisition is a box set of Disney Princess books called The Friendship Box (we got it on a trip to Costco, thank you Mattie). The books are all the Disney Princess stories sans any of the bad news. It’s just happy and good. Cinderella ends when she gets her dress from her friends, the animals, the mean stepsisters never rip it off her; Little Mermaid ends when she gets back to the concert before she gets yelled at, Snow White isn’t sent in the woods to be killed, she’s just sent to “live with the Dwarves” and then she meets the prince (no poison apple). Isn’t that great? Why didn’t Walt think of that? Then they really could’ve had a franchise!


Posted April 27, 2008 by julieklam in The Kid

2 responses to “The Magic of Disney

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  1. I gotta say that any talk of Violet’s interest in princesses must mention her disappointment at hearing that the princess diary left out the best part. The princess’ bout with diarrhea

  2. Disney pricess ovulator kit! Hilarious!

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