Interview with Ann Leary   2 comments

Here is a recent interview I did with the fabulous Ann Leary. You also should visit Ann’s blog and read about our recent exploits with Puck the dog.


Posted June 27, 2010 by julieklam in Podcast, Radio

2 responses to “Interview with Ann Leary

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  1. I just read “please excuse my daughter” thank you for the laugh out loud several times! I am not a princess, but very much a writer trapped in a mothers body. My kids are 11 and 7…8 on Sunday. I am in that place where “I need to find a break” and I am the one thing I can market with sincerity. Pair that with a midnight viewing of Julie/Julia and you have just met one determined fuss pot. I write for the local paper… in the “Homes” section interviewing REALTORS and MTG Lenders and Propety Managers but SNL has not called yet…hmmm? I have never worn a size 2 much less a 12, I am slavic in appearance and the age spots don’t help! I am 42 chasing a dream and I love NY. Go figure that I live in Athens Ga where the music is honest, the beer is cheap and I can hide my age among listless college students most Fall Saturdays at UGA. I believe in serendipity so thus the BLOG spot write on soul sister

    Andrea Williams

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