Rescue Story #7 – Zoe   3 comments

Read the story and look into the eyes of the sweet Zoe.

Andrea was listed as the “pet of the week” at the shelter.  When I was perusing the paper and saw her picture, I knew immediately she was no “Andria” she looked more like a “Zoe”.  She looked like a boxer, with that really cute crinkle between her brows…and as the day went on, the pet of the week was already wrapping strings around my heart. By the end of the day…she was mine.

She was in pitiful shape; underweight for her age, infested with parasites, and according to the staff of the shelter, someone had cut her tail off with scissors, and it was infected; but with patients, love and affection she healed.

I thought I was rescuing a dog in need, little did I know she was rescuing me.  I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Bipolar Disorder and my marriage was in the “We are trying to force our wills upon each other.” stage.  Zoe came in and taught us unrequited love.  We learned to talk in a softer voice, because yelling upset her, and because neither of us was willing to live without her…she taught us to live together as a family.  When I was feeling sick or my medications weren’t working well, she was/is always there beside me.

Zoe is 9 years old now, she’s as true and faithful as anyone could ask.  She doesn’t so much look like a boxer anymore more like a Staffordshire terrier/boxer mix.  She’s opened a whole new world for me.  She has been a marriage counselor, nurse, companion, and so much more.  And, as in her names, she’s gone from A to Z and taken me on the most cherished journey of my life.  I hope that she feels every day the love I have for her, it is unyielding.

Kimberly L. LeBeau

Posted November 27, 2010 by julieklam in Rescue Stories

3 responses to “Rescue Story #7 – Zoe

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  1. Is there a way to subcribe to blog and receive via e-mail?

    I’ve made no closer connections than those I’ve made with my dogs.

  2. Hi Mary-Beth, I think you can subscribe (there are various places that say subscribe by email to this site –I believe there is one right beneath this box)

  3. Please subscribe me to your website. We have a Boston. Currenty reading “You Had Me at Woof” – love it!

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