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Last night while I was cooking dinner a moth the size of a pigeon flew into my kitchen and settled on the ceiling. I didn’t want to freak Violet out so I told Paul in pig latin and he said he would have to deal with it after Violet went to sleep. Wouldn’t you know it, Paul fell asleep at the exact same moment as Violet and I was left alone with the mother of all moths (I feel I should capitalize Moth — it was that big).

I didn’t want to sit under, waiting for it to fall in my hair, so got a mop and wrapped a towel on it and smacked it. It fell on the floor and then — IT WAS GONE! Where is it? I’ve looked everywhere. I don’t think it could’ve flown in its condition, but what do I know? I am assuming it’s nesting in my only cashmere sweater isn’t full of holes.


Posted June 6, 2008 by julieklam in oy

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