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This is the story of two of Belle and Boston from Joan Stark, long time NEBTR volunteer.

(In the photo, left to right: Belle, Missy (Mast cell tumor survivor, so far) Duke, Gidget (retired therapy dog) , and Boston.

We were looking for another dog and we had heard about rescues and decided that would be the way to go.  While we were researching them, I got word from my breeder that she had taken in a couple of Bostons and was looking for home for them.  We went to see her (and them) She had a little girl and I was looking for a female.  I fell in love with her and while we were doing the paperwork, my husband was sitting in a chair.  This skinny brindle boy hopped up in his lap and sat there the whole time.  When I finished paperwork for the little girl and said we could leave, my hubby looked at me and said “What about him?  We can’t leave him here.”  So we came home with two dogs. He was a brindle and a male – neither my favorite.  His story was that he was found in an abandoned house.  It was a known “crack” house and the theory is that the owners were in jail.  It is estimated that he was there alone for at least six months. He was going in and out the doggy door, feeding himself from garbage cans and whatever the neighbors would give him, drinking out of the toilet in the house and sleeping in his crate.  When found, on top of his crate was his rabies tag and all his paperwork to register him – his name was Boston (known as Mr. B in our house) and he is a purebreed.  He was about 10 pounds, all skin and bones, full of parasites, filthy and had really bad teeth. He was two years old.  We took him home, cleaned him up, fed him and loved him.  He is no a whopping 23 pounds, and “my” dog–doesn’t leave my side when I am home, follows me even into the bathroom, has to be in the chair with me and sleeps on the bed with us.  He is the first of our Bostons to be allowed to do this.  Needless to say, the dog my husband wanted six years ago and I was not so sure about is now my faithful protector and MY own sweet boy.

The other rescue is a NEBTR and actually is a permanent foster with us.  Her name is Belle.  She is a tiny little thing.  I saw the emails about this little old lady who had been abandoned in an apartment in PA.  The owner left town and left a note on the neighbor’s door stating she would not be back and to “feed the animals”.  Belle was there with a six month old kitten. The neighbor was a college girl who did the best she could but did not have the time or resources to do this permanently.  NEBTR was working to find her a place but everyone was full.  I could not stand the thought of her going to a shelter and even though I had not planned to foster until I retired and was home more, I decided that I needed to help the approximately fourteen year old girl. So I drove three hours to PA and met another volunteer, Kym, who had driven down to pick her up and then drove up to meet me.  It was January and it was snowing.  Lovely.  When Belle came to us she weighed just 12 pounds. She has a cataract on one eye that requires drops every day.  The vision in her other eye is limited as it is blue.  She has a grade II to IV heart murmur, about six teeth left, and was bald from her shoulders back and looked as if she was having a rectal prolapse.  It was understood that she would be a permanent foster with me as due to her age and health issues. She just would not be a good candidate for adoption.  In the first two or three months we had her, she did nothing but eat, go out to do her business, and lay in her little bed.  I changed her diet and found that she is allergic to chicken.  We have fattened her up to 14 1/2 pounds, her hair has grown back.  Due to a better diet with more fiber, etc. the rectal prolapse is not an issue.  We still put drops in her eyes.  She has no trouble eating.  She has come out of her shell and shown us that she is a funny feisty little old lady.  She jumps up to sit with my husband, loves to have her back scratched.  Wants to play with my younger dogs and she quickly learned to be first in line for treats.

I love all my pups dearly.  We have three more at home besides Belle, and Mr. B.  These two have a special history, though and have earned a special place in my heart.

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  1. Thank you for what you do! All your pups are beautiful, shining brightly from little hearts warmed by your love!

  2. Thanks for telling these stories. I can see your pups’ personalities in their faces. Mr. B is adorable!

  3. I have two bostons one i rescued his name is Bradey and we call him Mr B He weighted 9 pounds when i got him. He now weight 16 pounds. I also have a female named Cricket wo is due in Jan. for Mr B puppies. I love the breed and wouldn;t have anyother. Both of our dogs sleep with us under the blankets with there own pillow. Thank you for what you do for bostons.

  4. Jody and I, (my boston) just finished your book (xmas gift). I cried and laughed and felt very thankful for the love you shared with the world on behalf of all of us true boston parents….and dog lovers in general. Thanks for putting your heart out there…

  5. Thank you so much, Dora and Sue! Happy Holidays to you!! xoxo

  6. This is the cutest Christmas photo I have seen in a long time! Thank you for all that you do for Bostons! I rescued mine 3 years ago and he changed my life. I got your book for Christmas and read it in one sitting…..you put into words exactly how I feel. Thank you!

  7. Loved the book…cried during a good part of the book, as I AM a Boston lover. Would rescue if I could, however, can only have two dogs at this condo. Have Holly a 12 yr old Boston and Missy, a 9 yrs old Boston. Purchased a Boston puppy for my daughter, which she brings every morning and picks up after work. My dream job would be a boston terrier day care. Grandmother had a Boston, my parents always did, and I follow the tradition. I could tell you stories…As my father once said, “there’s nothing like a Boston…”

  8. Julie,

    I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed the book, “You had me at Woof”. What a wonderful story full of ups and downs with those incredible dogs. I have such a love and respect for my two Boston Terrorist, Kasta and BoBo so your book really touched my heart. Thank you for loving them, writing about them, and most of all being their advocate. Keep up the good work.


    Jan Weber – Centennial Colorado

    Boston Terrorist Lover too

  9. Julie,

    I picked up your book and scanned the table of contents. When I saw the chapter on death, I knew I had found the real substance of the book. I want to relate how my dogs have changed my outlook on death and spirituality. I actually look forward to death in the respect that I can’t wait to see my departed doggies and loved ones again. Granted, I want to have all the days I can on this Earth, but I no longer fear death thanks to my dogs.
    Regarding spirituality, I belive there is more religion in the unconditional love of dogs than in any church. My goal for faith is to be as loving and happy as my dogs…I know I can never achieve this lofty goal, but the faith I build has given me a much happier, fulfilled life.
    I do not mourn much when one of dogs passes. I learned long ago that when one passes, they are making room in my home and heart for another dog to experience the happiness we have in our home. They are truly selfless.

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