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This uplifting story comes from Carolyn, another terrific Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue volunteer!
Last January I joined NEBTR and started fostering almost immediately.  I have had 13 fosters this year and placed 10 precious souls!
I also own a kennel, training and doggie daycare facility -so it makes it easier for me as all my fosters come to work with me etc.
In early February of 2010, I get a call from Sheryl who said “there is a woman on a farm in West Chester that wants to surrender a blind 9 year old BT named Popeye.”  She also goes on to say he is not social or housebroken, etc. Never mentions how she got him, but I don’t care just get him to me.
As the owner of a kennel I can’t leave too often, so I rely on transport. Time was of the essence as a snow storm was approaching.  One of the other volunteers calls me and says you should talk to her –get the info and see if you can get her to move at all with the dog meet us half way. I am a type A New Yorker or lets just say pushy.  I was warned the woman goes by Princess Claire.
So dial away, the woman that answers has an English accent (guessing)and indeed she introduces herself as Princess Claire. Now remember if you want to get the dog you have to play the game or she won’t surrender.  “So Princess Claire,” I ask, “do you have time to meet someone half way or get out on the highway somewhere? Most of our volunteers work and can’t travel during the week.”  This was a Monday. No absolutely not, she say, she manages a horse farm and can’t leave. She got stuck with this “little bugger” and now he needs to go! He bumps into everything in her apartment and has a “wizz” everywhere. God help me I wanted to drive up there and kick some Princess Ass. However, every volunteer knows to get the dog to safety you gotta kiss some ass or they will just hang up and game over.
With the storm coming we decide, getting transport to her Tuesday would be best so we can get this poor old man away from her. Tuesday I get a message on my voice mail from the princess herself nevermind on the surrender, Popeye has gone missing! It’s been 12 hours and she does not think he will surface.  Now if you have ever been on the NEBTR Yahoo page, everyone goes ballistic. We have people willing to drive up in the beginnings of a snow storm to search for this boy. How far can a blind 9 year old go? Volunteers do go in the dark in the snow to search with no luck.  One of the members of the rescue says he has a friend in a local police department and will ask him to call Princess Claire as a favor to him. Low and behold Thursday Popeye showed up at my Kennel.  Princess said he escaped and someone got him to the West Chester ASPCA. We will never know.
The good news is Pops was not blind, had chronic dry eye, 2 drops a day and he can see no problems. He was also housebroken, you would just need to let him outside!  During his stay with me he was wonderful laying on dogs beds, people beds and just relaxing, greeting all the customers at the kennel.  Popeye also became somewhat of a celebrity, so he got many visitors!
Popeye was adopted by a wonderful woman who is a teacher and Pops is her only child. As you can see from the before and after pics he is doing super and is so happy. It never ceases to amaze me how forgiving these creatures are, all the abuse and neglect and yet ready to love over and over. We miss him every day smellin’ like corn-chips and his little piggy grunts. But his Mom gives him more love than I ever could.
Carolyn McCarthy
Kamp Kanine
Little Falls, NJ

Posted December 11, 2010 by julieklam in Rescue Stories

5 responses to “Rescue Story #9 – Popeye

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  1. What a great story. I always look forward to Julie’s rescue stories. So love Popeye. Can’t think of a bt I don’t love though.

    laurie williamson, pennsville, nj
  2. Makes you wonder how the horses are being treated, too.

  3. Smellin’ like corn chips??? I thought my Lucy was the only one!

  4. Thank you for helping Popeye! “Princess,” my foot.

  5. What a great story. I can’t believe some people have pets and are completely univolved with them. Why would someone like Princess even consider owning a dog?

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