The Dog Mutterer   3 comments

New video directed by the great ANN LEARY!!  Here>>-> Dog Mutterer


Posted October 29, 2010 by julieklam in Dogs

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  1. I just finished your book. It certainly was a heart warmer and a tear jerker at the same time. I actually put it down for a few days. I was at the part about Moses’s death and I had to take a breather. It tore my heart out. I actually have 5 dogs in a somewhat small house in South Jersey. I’m across the Delaware River from Wilmington. I can relate to the chaos you have with 4. My oldest and biggest is an Airedale named Fletcher. I drove up into New York state to get him. Then I grew to love Brussels Griffons. I have 3 of those. I was actually in NYC last Sunday at the Soho Animal Haven for a Brussels Griffon meetup.

    So anyway, 2 years ago my now 14 year old daughter insisted on getting a Boston Terrier. You would have heard me say that they didn’t do a thing for me. Well the things we do for our kids. So baby Max moves in and within 3 weeks stole my heart. I do mean that boy is my heart and soul. I miss him when I’m away from him. He sleeps with me (none of the other dogs ever have). He is always by my side. He’s under the blanket right now next to me snoring away.

    When I saw your review in People I immediately ordered the book from Amazon. Thank you so much for all you do for Bostons. They are the best. Well next to Brussels griffons and Airedales that is.

    Laurie Williamson
  2. Thank you so much, Laurie! I appreciate your kind words and for taking the time write. I love Brussels griffons and airedales, too!!

  3. Julie: I just finished your book; I loved it and realted since I have been called the “dog lady” most of my life. I now have four; two yellow labs and two bichons. My husband, like yours, was not a dog lover when we married, but he has learned the absolute spritually enhancing love they give us, for as little as they might be granted to us. Great Book!!!

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