Rescue Story #4 – Olive   4 comments

Here is the sweet and astonishingly photogenic Olive, loyal companion to Bridget Pilloud.

Olive was found on January 4th 2009 by the Los Angeles County Animal Control. She had a broken pelvis and a big gash on her face that went down to the bone. They thought that she had been hit by a car. In Los Angeles, no dog that can be made well is euthanized. They make dogs well and then, because of a lack of space, they euthanize them.  It’s weird.

Anyway, Olive spent 2 months in the Los Angeles County Harbor Hospital. And then she was released to the shelter where they put her on a list to be euthanized in 6 days.

Nicky LeGore is the volunteer coordinator there and she decided that Olive needed a home. So she did everything she could think of to get Olive out. She emailed everybody she knew. Through twitter, and 5 degrees of separation, I found out about Olive.  I work as a pet psychic, and I’m on twitter a lot, so I thought I’d just call down and see if I could talk with Olive and find her a home. I was NOT LOOKING FOR A DOG.

Nicky said, “Would you consider being her foster home?”

And I said, “Listen, I live up in Portland. Surely someone in LA will want to foster this dog.  But if you need a last-ditch place, let me know.”

That Thursday, she called me and said, “We’re driving her up to you.”  Nicky and her husband put Olive in their car and drove her to my house in Portland. That’s 967 miles away. They used their own money to get her to me. They wouldn’t take a dime from me.

I didn’t want another dog. My sweetheart really didn’t want another dog. We had two already. We were fine.

Olive made the case that she was indeed our dog.  She was perfectly house-trained except when we took her to potential new homes and then she’d find the expensive rug to take a dump upon.  “See,” she’d say, “I can’t be trusted.”  She did this in seven potential homes!

To us, she was an expert at marketing herself. She is very good at catching tennis balls and snuggling and being cute. When she shakes hands, she looks like Winston Churchill. She likes cats and teenage boys.  So, it only took about 2 months for her to wear us down.

We love our Olive.  She’s awesome.


Posted October 16, 2010 by julieklam in Rescue Stories

4 responses to “Rescue Story #4 – Olive

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  1. I know! My wife and I have never been able to foster a dog for more than twenty minutes without calling GPA to say ‘we’re keeping it.’ What a sweetie.

  2. Wonderful story. Whenever i say; we’re fostering another dog, my boys just raise their eyebrows. Knowing they will be thinking of names in a month or two. lolol

  3. I love Olive’s smile — what a beauty! So glad you’re posting stories about these wonderful rescued dogs.

  4. Funny – I’ve got a Boston Terrier foster dog named Olive right now. Poor girl has had her adoptions not work out several times already. She’s a puppy mill breeding dog who needed an eye removed from injury. Very sweet girl, though. Anyone know someone looking for an awesome Olive?

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