Rescue Story # 2 – Maisie   3 comments

Thanks to Vick Mickunas for this wonderful story!

About 5 years ago we were pulling out of our driveway to go to Sunday
brunch. We live on a country road in rural Ohio. We were astonished to see
a black lab appear just to the right of our driveway alongside the road.
She was soaking wet. There's a creek nearby.

We took her into our home. We advertised in the local newspapers to see if
we could return her to her family. There was no response. It became
apparent that someone had just dumped this sweet girl along our lane.

We took her to the vet. She had a lot of health issues and she was old. We
named her Maisie. We have taken care of her ever since. She is the
sweetest dog. She has the most soulful eyes. She has some trouble climbing
the stairs but we help her out when she needs it.

Maisie still likes going for a swim (see photo) and her appetite remains
consistent with her breed; she lives for her meals and her treats.

We assume that whoever discarded her had used her as a hunting dog. She
gets really excited about gunfire in the distance.  She
derives tremendous pleasure from her sense of smell. And she has a soft
mouth. I have recovered unharmed field mice from inside her mouth. They
scampered away without any clue as to how lucky they were to have been
unearthed by our wonderful, gentle Maisie.

We rescued her that day that she crossed our path.

We love this old girl so much.

Posted October 2, 2010 by julieklam in Rescue Stories

3 responses to “Rescue Story # 2 – Maisie

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  1. Vick, thank you for your kindness to this gentle being. And thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Beautiful story 🙂

  3. What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing

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