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Here is a blog post of all of the beginnings of blog posts I never finished for one reason or another– someone needed something from me or I started boring myself or I got hungry. I pasted them together in a sort of Quilt of Nonsense. Enjoy!

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to attend the Broadway theatrical triumph “Max and Ruby” with my daughter’s kindergarten class. The show itself was a tour de force! This earnest portrayal of the life of a brother and sister bunny, Max and Ruby, tells the story of what happens when two bunnies want to do a performance for their Grandma. Let me tell you, nothing is as you’d expect. In my opinion, Max and Ruby will become the seminal bunny theatrical experience. Off stage, in the audience, there was a whole ‘nother show. At the start of the performance a voice came over the loudspeaker requesting that all cell phones be turned off. The mothers and fathers that chaperoned on the trip answered (silently) with a resounding “NO!” It was like a glorious sea of texting fireflies. Blackberrys! iPhones! ANYTHING not to have to watch the 45 minute performance. I did update my Facebook status once but other than that, I was rapt. Also, there was a big spider on stage and I had to take my daughter out until the coast was clear…..Yesterday I was organizing our dining room table that doubles for a crap dump. Underneath a million pictures of Mulan, Duck from Little Bear and Ariel, there are Christmas cards from 2007 and much of what we need to do our taxes. While I was cleaning and putting endless papers into piles for recycling, I came across three papers stapled together and folded. I opened it up and it was a resume for someone named Jerlil Parks. His address was near Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. I e-mailed Paul to find out what it was. He said the guy was going through the subway saying he needed a job and if anyone thought they could help, he’d be happy to give him his resume….  I haven’t been able to work at all this week because my daughter’s on school vacation, I’m thinking of renting a kid for her to play with…. One of the things that’s great about writing is learning new words.  Even better is using words that you already knew but using them more betterly.  I feel my vocabulary has grown exponentially. And my ability to make up words? Kefadiblity!…. How many times does one have to throw up easter grass before realizing that it’s not a good idea to eat in the first place. Answer according to my dogs: No amount of times!….


Posted April 21, 2009 by julieklam in A Keeper

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  1. love the part about the big spider and taking your daughter out until the coast was clear

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