Julie Klam dot com People of the Year awards   2 comments

Some unfortunate news regarding the upcoming  JK.com People of the Year awards. It seems that tape recordings have turned up alleging that some of the awards were being sold. I’m devastated as the site is connected with me and I although I don’t know the people involved in the scheme, I have passed them in the halls at the offices of JulieKlam.com. It sickens me that something so proud as the Julie Klam name could become tarnished, what with the paperback of my memoir coming out April 7th, 2009.

I could not more apologetic. Let me just say that the people in the running were some of the best friends this website could’ve wished for. An investigation is pending.


Posted December 27, 2008 by julieklam in This here blog

2 responses to “Julie Klam dot com People of the Year awards

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  1. On an unrelated note, I’ve retained the services of R. Kelly’s legal team.

  2. Patrick you are beyond reproach-believe it or not the person who allegedly did this recently won a very big honor and apparently it wasn’t enough to be the first African American president- oop! I’ve said too much!

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