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You’re all going to get a nice break from me plugging my book until after the holidays when I will start beating you over the head with news of the release of my paperback.

I just came from a holiday performance by Violet’s kindergarten class where they did such wintertime classics as Alligators All Around, This Land is Your Land, and The Chicken Dance (in Italian!) It was painfully cute.

We had kind of a hard time getting going this morning because she insisted on wearing a red velvet dress from 2 years ago–we had to do a whole Scarlett O’Hara thing of squeezing her into it, but she triumphed! And the boy in her class who she loves deeply complimented her on it first thing so her instincts were correct. I can’t believe we’re in this already. She talks about this boy all the time and has these elaborate ideas that they are going to have a playdate that will involve acting out the part in Sleeping Beauty where Aurora is sleeping and Prince Phillip kissing her awake… Oy.

She came home yesterday looking like Sally Van Pelt with a cloud of hearts around her because of this: she was in the auditorium and “a boy in a yellow shirt and a new hair-cut [our prince] came up behind her and said, ‘Excuse me, excuse me…'” And the reason he was saying excuse me? Violet was in his way. “Isn’t he the cutest thing?”



Posted December 18, 2008 by julieklam in The Kid

3 responses to “Holidaze

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  1. Too cute–I can just picture it!

  2. Hi Jules-

    Been thinking about you lately. Great flashbacks. My little one Aden (4) had a sleep over at the neighbors house. When his little friend had to go home in the middle of the night I remembered about all the asthma attacks I had and how I had to be rescued from countless times. All the ton we had and how most of the time I would wake up and you would already be home waiting for me to call. I also recently had a cold meatball and remembered the story your mom told me the first time I had a meatloaf sandwich at your house. “It’s like you make a meatloaf sandwich and run outside in the cold and by the time your in the car it’s all cooled off. – lol (never forget that one) I remembered I did take a bite after that – but didn’t like it much then (yes, now I scoffed down the whole meatball – 2 bites).

    Just thought I’d share.

    Happy New Year!

    Luv lot,


    P.S. Love the Vi story. Aden is in kindergarten next year and I will be the nut balling and following the school bus for sure!

    Barbara Kelly Bishop
  3. Does this mean that Joe has been replaced?? I made the mistake of reading this entry aloud to him, and he’s heartbroken. He thought he was Violet’s hunk, but agrees that boys her own age are probably a better bet.

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