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This weekend Violet and I were watching Cinderella. When it was over she asked me what Cinderella was doing after the ball, before the news of the glass slipper got to her. Her question was about the contentedly cleaning image of Cinderella, humming and waltzing to herself thinking about last night. It got me thinking. If you were essentially enslaved by your step-mother and step-sisters and you had met a prince at a magical ball and you two had spent the evening falling in love, and then you had to run out without giving him your number or name, wouldn’t you be freaking out the next morning? How am I going to get in touch with him? Who do I know who knows him? Is he on Facebook?

She doesn’t know if she’s ever going to see him again. If it were me, I’d wonder if he thought I ran out because I was really married, or turned off by something he did. It’s all kind of infuriating because to-date, her life had been a long run of bad luck. Her kindly father dies leaving her with these ugly bee-yatches. She spends her life scrubbing floors with no rubber gloves, what makes her think it’s going to work out okay?

Conversely, my life has been pretty good. Why do I always think everything is going to turn out disastrously? I sit here with a furrowed brow and my leg tapping madly, biting the inside of my cheek and I have no answer. Where does one get that kind of Cinderella faith? Thoughts?


Posted September 24, 2008 by julieklam in Your thoughts

3 responses to “Cinderella thoughts

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  1. i think happy is easier to draw. in a lot of the fairytale versions cinderella spends the next day trying to get in touch with her fairy godmother so she can sneak out again the next night. that sounds a little more like being a teenager, if i remember correctly.

  2. I AM Cinderella, so why didn’t you just ask me?

  3. when cute mice make you a pretty dress that may give you some kind of unrealistic faith in the universe

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