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I haven’t posted in a while because it’s been wicked busy. I have a new foster — a ten year old with a mess of issues (fatty masses, rotten teeth, bald spots, warts). She’s been sad and not eating. I told her she should be happy because this is a top adult living facility. So far, she just sleeps a lot. Poor girl was dumped in a shelter in Brooklyn by some heathens.

In other news, Violet starts kindergarten next week. She has to wear a uniform of light blue shirt and navy blue jumper. In case you haven’t sensed it, neither of those colors are pink. We are hoping to get a reprieve from the Governer.

Here’s the old girl, we’re calling her Dahlia (Paul calls her the Black Dahlia after the gruesomely murdered LA call girl — I looked her up on wikipedia and she had bad teeth, too.)


Posted August 25, 2008 by julieklam in Dogs, The Kid

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  1. you are the best girl in the world.
    Dahlia is not a poor girl because the rest of her life will be wonderful and full of kisses. She’s lucky to be away from the people who would put her in the pound in her golden years.
    Love, anonymous

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