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I am a parent of a child who sees nothing wrong with cookies for breakfast. At least once a day I say, “Cookies aren’t a breakfast food! “ Isn’t that terrible? I hate hearing myself saying it, but we just got back from a vacation with my brother Matt and he makes his daughter Pixie eat real meals while Violet is Snacky Girl. So now I’m cracking down. The question of why cookies aren’t for breakfast is plaguing me like so many dumb things I think about. Why are pancakes in syrup or muffins (aka cake) breakfast food? I don’t know, Violet, I don’t make the rules.

A few days ago I mentioned to her that at school last year she ate normal cereal for breakfast and how about we get that? She agreed, but didn’t know the name of any of the cereals so I did artists rendering of the cereals I could draw: Crispix, Corn Flakes, Cheerios, Raisin Bran and she’d point and say, “Yes, that looks like the one!” I’m not really an artist though so when I brought them home they were just plain wrong.

It made me think of what pressure police artists are under and how every police sketch on the news looks the same to me (I can picture him right now) and then it made me think about how cops are known for eating donuts (at least on the cultural barometer of The Simpsons). And donuts are about the junkiest think you can eat and are a totally accepted breakfast food. So now I’m starting to wonder, why not cookies?


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  1. do you remember our KES gym teacher, Mrs. Lawler? She once told us that she ate things like beef stew for breakfast and we were all grossed out. But she was pretty old and she was running around teaching the class and taking pictures of all of us and organizing them and handing them out to us to take home. she was also the nicest gym teacher i ever had.

    Cookies for breakfast make you grouchy. so do Donuts!!

    end of lecture

  2. How do you know I’m not talking about sugar free, gluten free Vegan cookies?

  3. ummmm. just a hunch.

  4. Not so sure that sugar free, gluten free and Vegan actually constitute a COOKIE. If that’s what Violet wants I say give in…sounds more like a digestive biscuit, and that’s practically a health food.

  5. Hello what about oatmeal cookies?? Same ingredients as one of the great staples of breakfast foods…

  6. MMmmm. Oatmeal cookies….

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