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I will be at Book Group Expo October 25-26  in San Jose, CA. This is a fantastic event for people who run or are in book clubs or just love books.  I’ll have more information later but in the meantime, just know that October 25th is also my birthday.


Posted June 28, 2008 by julieklam in Book Group Expo

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  1. The best parts of that website are the stock photos of people holding coffee cups – as if to imply they love coffee and they love books!!! If I’m not out of town that weekend I’m coming to see you! I’m in a bookgroup, but all we do is pick books. We don’t actually read them. But it’s still fun. Oh, and I thought of you and Aunt Matie when we went to San Francisco. I glared and snarled at a rotten kid in the playground. We have it on tape! Good times.

  2. oops. M-A-T-T-I-E


  3. I know, Mara, the joy of the people on the Book Expo site is palpable. I had a run-in too at a playground recently — I mean another run-in– I think we just have to decide now that we’re going to go to college with our girls. xox

  4. Now I feel culpable if I answer you! Oh, what to do…..

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