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This week I’ve been cleaning house, on Goodreads that is. I’d been getting a lot of requests to befriend people and I think, why? they aren’t people who have read or are even “to-read”ing my book. They just seem to want to rack up friends. At first I said yes to everyone thinking that would somehow be a good thing for my book, but now every time I log on , I see these stranger’s updates. Things like “J. Johnson is now friends with Keir.” Or “Mandi liked Bookhead’s Review of “Mein Kampf.” And I think, oh nice for them, but I don’t know either one of them and I assume their friendship is as phony as ours and really I only care about what’s going on with a few people that I know or cyber-know (one has hair made of meat). So last night I decided to keep it rill. I cut all the fat –the only people I’m friending are people I know or people whose work I admire–or pretend I admire. And I’m thinking of leaving the Author Program, too, because I want to write nasty things to people who give my book low ratings and I don’t want them to know it’s me. (Like “Sorry, I didn’t write the book for half-wits.”)
You know?


Posted June 20, 2008 by julieklam in Goodreads

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  1. This happens with every social networking site (except Facebook, which I suspect is why Facebook is sticking around). I’m friends with all these people who clog my udpates with their strange quotes and ratings of books I’ve never heard of, yet I can’t muster the courage to dump them. Strange.

    I have maybe three people whose posts I actually look for (and one of them is my wife, who forces me to read her goodreads reviews to find out what she thought of a book I saw her reading everyday around the apartment), and that’s it.

  2. Well the great thing, Patrick, is you can dump them and they never know! They aren’t notified or anything. My friend Margaret is scared I’m going to dump her since she only has one friend (me) and 0 books but I told her that’s fine with me, at least I don’t have to hear about how she is now friends with Cubby.

  3. Oh great now everybody knows what a loser I am. Anybody out there want to be my friend? I swear I’m going to get some books on there – you won’t regret it.

  4. I said I’d stick with you and I meant it.

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