Too hot to post, but not too hot to link!   2 comments

Today is (fill in with all of the egg frying cliches about heat).  It’s 97° but it feels like 315°.   Whenever I think of a heat wave, I picture open hydrants (which I’ve seen two today), being pregnant in the black out (which I was) and the cranky face of my dad sitting in traffic with his shirtsleeves pulled up…. which brings me to today’s link.

You’ll be hearing about this more, but my friend Tom Vanderbilt’s upcoming book Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (And What It Says About Us) is getting a ton of buzz, as they say in the industry, and he’s got a kick-ass blog up. Check out the GMAC driving test. I scored a 70% and I was real happy!


Posted June 10, 2008 by julieklam in Books

2 responses to “Too hot to post, but not too hot to link!

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  1. Julie!! I finished reading your book last week! I loved it! Just love it so much! So many parts had me laughing aloud, or crying (oh, god … the dog … ). Love it. And I’m not even getting paid to gush, ladies and gentlemen!
    By the way, you’re lucky you just got a disappearing moth. We had a disappearing flying roach (some people call them “waterbugs”. I know a flying roach when I see one … and when I don’t see one!).
    Anywho, loved the book. And when they cast the film? You should be played by Natascha McElhone. Just my two cents.

  2. Lynn!! Thank you so much! I had to google Natasha McElhone because I forgot what she looks like. You’re very kind but you might need to get your eyes checked.
    We had a water bug, too. I found out because the Metro section of the paper was missing. Blecch!

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