A Real NY Fairy Tale   4 comments

About two months ago, my friend Amy from downstairs was visiting with her daughter, Sasha, who is Violet’s great friend (they were born a year and a few days apart in the same hospital). We were sitting and chatting in Violet’s room while the girls played dress-up (both were fairy princesses – wings, sparkly, poofy dresses, tiaras, wands, and twinkly shoes). While we were grown-up talking about life, Sasha, carrying a silver star wand, walked over to Amy and said “Mom, what’s your wish?” Amy looked at me and back at Sasha and said, “I wish I would win the Pulitzer Prize.” I was happy to hear her say that because I was next and I wasn’t going to waste my wish on some general happy thought. I jumped in quick, “I wish my book would be a bestseller,” I said, neglecting to say specifically hardcover or paperback, NY Times bestseller or just the bestselling book in my Violet’s room.

A couple of weeks later, Paul and I were staying at the Beverly Hilton while on my book tour. He was reading the New York Times over breakfast and he said, “Oh my God, Amy won the Pulitzer Prize!” And I screamed and jumped up and down á la Price is Right. I am still that happy. Amy is just the sweetest, kindest person, but she also happens to be a kick-ass journalist.

So today’s the day that Amy Harmon, along with Bob Dylan and Junot Diaz and other smarties will collect their awards at a ceremony at Columbia University. Isn’t that amazing? Really, isn’t that so cool?


Posted May 29, 2008 by julieklam in Kudos

4 responses to “A Real NY Fairy Tale

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  1. Can i get a turn with that wand?

  2. I know! I keep inviting them up her to look at my lottery numbers.

  3. Not to be too corny, but it’s pretty cool you can be so happy for your friends.

  4. Thanks, Martha. You just made my day so much less cranky. 🙂

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