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Patrick, my linking-friend over at Vroman’s Blog posted a very sharp summer reading list with his personal literary goals (including a certain book by a certain me). It got me feeling nostalgic of past books that I’ve read over a summer that defined that time for me, more so than a fall book or a spring book.

It was over summers that I devoured everything by Chaim Potok, and Sophie’s Choice, and the great baseball books of Lawrence Ritter (especially The Glory of Their Times….) James Agee’s A Death in the Family , the big fat hardback of Clockers that my brothers had autographed for me by Richard Price… and All The King’s Men, and on and on.

They are all on my shelves now…. not far away from the books that I failed at, that every so often shout, “Hey Stupid, you ever gonna finish me?”


Posted May 28, 2008 by julieklam in Books

4 responses to “Summer Reading

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  1. Joan and I are talking about reading The Sound and the Fury this summer. however, neither one of us has bought it yet.

  2. The summer of my senior year in high school was defined by a not-so-classic work:”Bloodline” by the great Sidney Sheldon. I quote the first line of the book, and defy you not to be drawn in:
    “He was seated in the dark, alone, behind the desk of Hajib Kafir, staring unseeingly out of the dusty office window at the timeless minarets of Istanbul.”

    Sidney! May he rest.

  3. William Faulkner is the one taunting me from the shelf. But if you guys get it, I’m game.

    Jance, I am drawn in!

  4. Yay. Summer book club throw down.

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