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I think I was one of the last people on the planet to get a blog, which I was advised to do because I was having a website produced to go with the publication of my book. Little by little I’ve learned how to use stuff. Like inserting links (though for some reason, it doesn’t always work) and also how to see what’s happening behind my blog. Like the numbers of people coming, where they come from and if they do a Google search, what terms they searched to get there. There are some very strange ones, like the other day someone put in “Miss Spider Bounce” and got to my blog because I wrote about Violet being afraid of Bounce on Miss Spider. Someone put in “Tom Vanderbilt” “what am I reading”. Tom Vanderbilt is Jancee Dunn‘s husband who’s got a book coming out called Traffic and I’ve written about him. I called Jancee this morning and asked her if Tom forgot what he was reading and Googled it. She said maybe he didn’t feel like looking at his bedside table. (turned out to be this) I often the get the search combo “Dan Menaker” and “Titlepage” because everyone wants to know what makes Dan and his show tick. A lot of times I get “Matthew Klam” “Julie Klam” because I guess there are some people who want to know if we’re related (we are– he’s my stepson). Once someone put in “Julie Klam’s NY address” and that creeped me out. Today I got “Julie Klam age” So someone wants to know how old I am. Well, that is a tidbit you can find out on page 36 of my book which you can buy by clicking here …if that worked…. or else you can just got to a bookstore and look it up.


Posted May 20, 2008 by julieklam in This here blog

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