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I have a “Red Letter Day” piece on page 74 of June’s Redbook magazine with Denise Richards on the cover. Her head is actually blocking the “OOK” on the cover so it looks like REDB, but it’s not, it’s Redbook. (Now, despite the fact that I have said all of this my mother is going to call me later today and say she bought the magazine and it’s not in there and I’m going to say, “what month is it?” and she’s going to say “Oh sh*t, it’s May!” because she didn’t have her glasses and she doesn’t know who Denise Richards is.)


Posted May 7, 2008 by julieklam in Magazines

9 responses to “June REDBOOK

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  1. I wish I didn’t know who Denise Richards is.

  2. HA HA!

  3. Thanks for making me seem like “the cool one”. we both know that that’s really you!

  4. hey! how’d that monster get on my post?


  5. It’s my new thing for people who don’t have avatars, it creates a monster for you.

  6. I’m just commenting to get my monster.

  7. How do you like it, Wen? Kinda sassy!

  8. I thinking the one eyed, McDonalds fry-guy, midget Barney thing is exactly the image I’m trying to project.

  9. Yay! Glad you like it!

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