Bronx Zoo Trip, But Not For Me

Violet’s class is going to the Bronx Zoo on a field trip and I’M MISSING IT because it’s the same day as the Titlepage taping. Violet was so upset that I wasn’t coming that I had to make my mom come down next week to go because she thinks without me there she’ll get lost. It was heartbreaking until I saw how in about an eighth of a second she was totally over me not coming and deliriously happy to have Bubbe instead. I’m sorry I’m not going to share the experience with her but I also wanted to go to the zoo. We’ve been looking at the crap animals at the Central Park Zoo until I want to scream and now there’s a chance to see elephants and zebras and giraffes and I’m missing it. Shoot!


Posted February 5, 2008 by julieklam in Complain-y

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