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YOUR PICK FOR OCTOBER 2007, Pre-K Student of the Month…..

VIOLET JEAN LEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I thought it would take her longer than five weeks to surpass my school record, but Violet has done it! She is STUDENT OF THE MONTH with all the responsibilities to her constiuents that entails, there’s going to be parades, appearances, endorsement deals.

For being student of the month she got both a certificate AND a ribbon that she may proudly pin to any article of clothing. And it didn’t stop there. Mr. Ibarra took her picture! Because of her excellence, I let her choose anything she wanted for dinner. She said “I just want to order.” Which translates to, “None of the crap you make, Mom.” I said “Of course,what’ll it be?” She said, “grilled cheese and a california roll.” Metropolitan Diary, are you listening? This is one sassy New York kid!


Posted October 9, 2007 by julieklam in Kudos

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