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Rescue Story #3 – Sydney   2 comments

This little sweetface comes our way via Erica Callahan. I, personally, see many good kissing spots.

Our girl Sydney is a happy, healthy 4 year old hound. But, when we got her, she was 9 months old and severely malnourished. She was found walking the streets of Newark and brought to a local shelter. She was nameless, with a broken tail and all skin and bones–she looked exactly like Santa’s Little Helper. As soon as we saw her big velvety ears and dopey brown eyes we knew we had to take her home. She is the sweetest, happiest, most lovable pup and she completely changed our lives.

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Rescue Story # 2 – Maisie   3 comments

Thanks to Vick Mickunas for this wonderful story!

About 5 years ago we were pulling out of our driveway to go to Sunday
brunch. We live on a country road in rural Ohio. We were astonished to see
a black lab appear just to the right of our driveway alongside the road.
She was soaking wet. There's a creek nearby.

We took her into our home. We advertised in the local newspapers to see if
we could return her to her family. There was no response. It became
apparent that someone had just dumped this sweet girl along our lane.

We took her to the vet. She had a lot of health issues and she was old. We
named her Maisie. We have taken care of her ever since. She is the
sweetest dog. She has the most soulful eyes. She has some trouble climbing
the stairs but we help her out when she needs it.

Maisie still likes going for a swim (see photo) and her appetite remains
consistent with her breed; she lives for her meals and her treats.

We assume that whoever discarded her had used her as a hunting dog. She
gets really excited about gunfire in the distance.  She
derives tremendous pleasure from her sense of smell. And she has a soft
mouth. I have recovered unharmed field mice from inside her mouth. They
scampered away without any clue as to how lucky they were to have been
unearthed by our wonderful, gentle Maisie.

We rescued her that day that she crossed our path.

We love this old girl so much.

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Rescue Story #1 – Puma   6 comments


This is the first rescue story I’m posting. It’s from Erica Mueller and I cried ten times. Thank you, Erica.

This is my late greyhound, Puma.  When you have greyhounds, strangers always ask if you rescued them. I explain that virtually all pet greyhounds come from dog tracks because although there are AKC-registered greyhounds, they are few and far between, while many thousands of greyhounds are excessed by the racing industry every year.  In fact, I didn’t rescue any of the 7 former racers I have adopted in the last 15 years.  They were already safe in adoption kennels.  I did save 7 greyhounds, but I’ll never know their names.  When I adopted my dogs, it created kennel space so those unknown 7 could reach safe havens, no longer at risk for the needle, bullet, or crowbar because they were injured, or just not fast enough.

I used to refer to Puma as my “dumb blonde”.  He was dainty and gorgeous, but not the quickest, intellect-wise.  He was faster than his “greymate” Dutch, who did have a racing career, but Puma never raced because although he liked to run, he wouldn’t follow the lure. He’d been in a pet home before, but hid in a closet because the husband was abusive to his family. When the wife managed to leave, she was unable to take Puma with her and returned him, at age 3,  to the adoption kennel.
Fast forward to 6 yrs ago, Puma was 12 yrs old, which is about 80-ish in greyhound years. Dutch, his security blanket, had terminal cancer.  Knowing how Puma relied on Dutch for reassurance that he was safe, I adopted a third greyhound, 5yr old Rorschach, as soon as I knew Dutch was on borrowed time, so that Puma would not be “alone” once his best friend died.  The hound trio got along well, and Puma did not appear to grieve for Dutch, but he wasn’t deeply bonded to Rorschach. Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with cancer, and had major surgery.  Before the operation, a dog door was installed because I knew it might be hard to cater to the dog’s toilet needs. There were complications, leading to a prolonged recuperation.  In January 2005, about 6 weeks after the operation, we had a sunny, 60-degree day that melted much of the heavy accumulation of snow.  I’d been able to keep the stairs leading down to the fenced backyard shoveled, though I wasn’t supposed to exert myself like that.  In the middle of the night, Puma scratched at the bedroom door. Before the dog door, he’d only wake me at night if he was going to have diarrhea. Once the dog door was in, he didn’t need to.  I told him to go back to sleep but he persisted.  I thought he’d either forgotten he could get out on his own, or that the snowshovel on the porch had fallen over and blocked the door. Following Puma, I hobbled weakly to the porch door and turned on the light – at which point he bolted back onto the living room sofa, his favorite bed.  It was then that I saw Rorschach at the bottom of the stairs.  After the warm weather, the stairs were like glass, the sheet of ice-melt having re-frozen.  Rorschach had gone down to the yard, but was unable to get back up.  He was standing nearly chest-deep in snow, hypothermic and, as always, too polite to bark.  I spread paw-safe ice melt onto the 8 stairs, carefully descending them, and had to lift Rorschach onto the stairs, one leg at a time, half-dragging him by the collar.  He was too cold to help much.  Had Puma not come to his aid, he would very likely have died by morning.
Prior to this stunning display of canine altruism, I never doubted the many stories of hero dogs, but I certainly never thought that one of my own pets was capable of  such valor.  Certainly not timid, scatterbrained, elderly Puma!  Maybe his disinterest in chasing a lure was not so dumb, after all…

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Rescue Stories Wanted   3 comments

One of the loveliest parts of writing YOU HAD ME AT WOOF has been hearing from all the wonderful rescue people

Starting immediately I am inviting YOU to submit stories and photos of your rescued dogs. Each week a team of four legged judges will be selecting a story which will be displayed on the blog (clap, clap, clap).

We’re starting with dogs, but we will add other animals later.

Your submissions can be sent to with RESCUE STORY in the subject line.

I’m really looking forward to reading your stories! xox

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